Black Women Can’t Get Enough of Lauren and Cameron on Love is Blind — Here’s Why!

Ralinda Watts
4 min readMar 3, 2020

Watching Lauren and Cameron fall in love on Netflix’s breakthrough reality hit, Love is Blind, moved me to tears and I can’t stop thinking about why. I’ve watched it a dozen times, mainly fast forwarding to the scenes featuring the stunning Lauren Speed and dapper Cameron Hamilton — their instant on-screen chemistry immediately drew me in — I couldn’t get enough of them. After the first episode, it became evident that I was rooting for their love, and you were too, admit it!

What was it about this couple that made me weak in the knees, I’m talking about 90’s R&B girl group SWV kind of weak in the knees? My heart melted at every intimate conversation, kiss, or encounter shared between Lauren and Cameron. Perhaps it was Cameron’s vulnerability, his willingness to share his emotions so outwardly and honestly. Or Lauren’s authenticity, the way she radiates Blackness, remains true to herself, providing us with memorable moments like proudly donning her “bonnet” first thing in the morning, or explaining her disdain for toothbrush sharing (absolutely not! Not under any circumstances!).

The first time Lauren and Cameron professed their love to each other (separated by pods only four feet away in distance)- I felt their seamless connection — Tears streaming down Cameron’s face-it was in this moment that we knew Lauren was the one for Cameron and Cameron was the one for Lauren. Behind a glass door, Cameron got down on one knee to propose, followed by Lauren giving us all the feels responding with, “you’re such a beautiful person, I don’t have to see you to say that.” These words nearly took me out and from that point on, I was invested in their relationship and happiness as a couple. As the GenZ’ers say, we love to see it.

Lauren and Cameron quickly became our very own royal couple, and through the power of Netflix, we were all invited to the real Royal Wedding, where we each had a front row seat! Cameron and Lauren’s wedding was one of the most genuine, heart-warming demonstrations of love that I’ve ever seen on television. If you weren’t moved to tears when Lauren’s dad, Bill, aka Papa Speed, wept when seeing Lauren for the first time in her wedding gown — you’re not human, seriously!

Ralinda Watts

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